Mash SDK

Mash 3D Game Engine

Mash is a cross-platform, realtime, 3D engine written in C++ for games and simulation development. Download source from the bitbucket repository.


Cross platform. Compile and run on Windows, Mac and Ubuntu. Use OpenGL or DirectX on Windows.

Custom shader system handles lighting for you.

Open source under the MIT licence.




Why Mash 3D?

Mash was created with simplicity, flexibility, and power in mind. It’s platform independent so you can write your code once and compile it on a target platform. The engine is very flexible allowing you, for example, to add custom shading techniques for different surfaces or customize how rendering is batched.

Can I use Mash for my game or simulation project?

Sure! Just download the SDK from bitbucket repository and you are ready to go!

Is the engine open source?

Yes. It is covered under the MIT licence.

What are the system requirements?

On windows, any system that supports DirectX 10.1 or greater. On Mac, any system that supports OpenGL 3.2 or greater. Make sure your drivers are up to date!

Does the SDK come with demo projects and code?

Yes. There are various demo projects, resources, and shaders to use as reference to get you started.

How is lighting handled?

Lighting is taken care of by the engine at runtime thanks to its custom shader system. As changes are made shaders are recompiled to include new shader code that reflects the light settings. Users also have the option of running the engine in forward, or deferred rendering modes, or both! Materials can be set up to use only forward lighting, some can use deferred, and some can have no lighting at all. This is a handy portion of a materials LODing capabilities. Shadows can also be enabled or disabled per material, material LOD, or per light.